How Taxpayers Upload Their Documents to SeQwens

In this article we will demonstrate how taxpayers can upload their documents to their SeQwens document manager.

How To Upload Documents as a Taxpayer

Step #1

When a taxpayer logs into SeQwens they will first be brought to the dashboard. From the dashboard click the Document Manager in the left navigation bar. This will drop down two options, My Folders, and Shared Folder. Select My Folders to start uploading your documents to SeQwens.

Step #2

After clicking My Folders you will be taken to the SeQwens Document Manager where you can upload, download, and view documents on your SeQwens Taxpayer account. To get started select the green Create New button and from the options that appear click Folder to create a new folder to place your documents in.

To create a new folder all you have to do is name the folder and then press Add. The new folder will then appear in your document manager page.

Step #3

Now it’s time to upload a document to your new folder in SeQwens. You will once again need to click Create New but this time you will select File.

Select the file from your device you want to upload to SeQwens, then you will select the folder you just made to upload the document to. Once you have your file and folder selected click Upload File.

Step #4

You can now view the file by clicking the folder you placed it in. By clicking the three dots on the right of the file you have the option to rename, protect, move, or download the content of the file to your device.

As a taxpayer you now have your tax documents all in one secure software where your tax preparer can access them when filing your tax return. As a tax preparer you have the documents you need to file your taxpayer’s return without emailing back and forth or having to worry about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.