How to Bulk Import Clients to SeQwens

In this article we will cover how to import a large number of clients to your SeQwens software.

How To Bulk Import Your Clients

Step #1

From your dashboard click Client Management in the left navigation bar to go to the Client Management page. This page allows you to view all the clients you currently have in SeQwens.

From here you will select the Add Mass Client button in order to import your client list to your software.

Step #2

A box titled Create Taxpayer (Bulk Import) will appear on your screen giving you the option to upload a .csv document containing the names, emails, and phone numbers of the contacts you want to import to your SeQwens Client Manager.

*note: The box contains an example list to help you correctly format your bulk list of clients you are trying to import.

Step #3

Once you have correctly formatted your bulk list of clients (example above), you can take your .csv file and import it either by clicking Choose File or by dragging the file into the box.

Once the bulk client list has been imported a preview will appear showing you how the clients will be imported into SeQwens. Once you have reviewed the list you can click submit to finish uploading your client list into SeQwens. Alternatively you can click close to stop the import if you need to edit your client list for any reason.

Step #4

You have now successfully entered a bulk list of clients into your SeQwens account.

After importing your bulk client list you can notify your new clients by going to their taxpayer account pages under Client Management and clicking Notify User on the left.