How to E-Sign Documents as a Taxpayer

In this article we show how a taxpayer can E-Sign a document submitted by their Tax Preparer in SeQwens.

How to E-Sign Documents

Step #1

When a taxpayer logs into SeQwens they will first be brought to the dashboard. From the dashboard click the E-Signatures in the left navigation bar. This will take you to the E-Signature Management page in the software.

Step #2

On the E-Signature Management page you will see your current e-signature requests including the name of the file, date it was requested on, Tax Preparer who sent it, individuals who are required to sign the document, and the status (pending or completed).

To E-Sign a document click the Sign icon on the right of an E-Signature request. You can also view the document before signing by clicking the Eye icon.

Step #3

After clicking the Sign icon you will need to create an E-Signature.

There are two methods for creating an E-Signature in SeQwens. First, you can draw a signature with a mouse or tablet. You can also type your signature and pick one of four fonts.

Once you have created your E-Signature click Sign and Proceed. This will autofill the required signature fields placed in the document by the Tax Preparer.

Step #4

You will now see the document is marked as complete on your E-Signature Management page. You and your Tax Preparer will each receive a copy of the signed document in your respective Document Managers.