How To Invite A Client To SeQwens

In this article we will cover the method for inviting new clients to your SeQwens Tax Company account.

How To Invite A Client To SeQwens:

Step #1

From your dashboard click Client Management in the left navigation bar to go to the Client Management page. This page allows you to view all the clients you currently have in SeQwens.

From here you will select the Invite Client button in order to add a client to your software.

Step #2

The Invite Taxpayer window will pop-up giving you a variety of methods for inviting a new client to create a taxpayer account on SeQwens under your Tax Office.

Step #3

The first method is through an intake form link you can publish on your website or send via email or text to the client. Once clicked the link will take them to your intake form where they will need to fill out some basic information to create their taxpayer account.

Step #4

You can also create a custom referral link by selecting the Edit icon on the right under Referral Link. This will enable both you and clients who recommend your services to easily onboard taxpayers under your SeQwens account. Once clicked they will see our Taxpayer Registration Form and will need to enter some basic contact information as well as create a password for their SeQwens taxpayer account.

Step #5

The final way to invite your taxpayers to create their own SeQwens account is via email or text. Enter their email address or phone number into the corresponding fields on the pop-up and an invite link will be sent to that email or phone right from the software!

Your client is now able to fill in the information on their taxpayer profile page and upload documents directly to SeQwens, ensuring you and your clients have a smooth tax season.