How to Request an E-Signature from a Taxpayer

In this article we will show you how to request E-Signatures from your clients

How to Request an E-Signature from your Clients:

Step #1

From your dashboard click Document Manager in the left navigation bar, this will drop down three options; My Folders, Shared Folders, and E-Signatures. To request an E-Signature from one of your clients select E-Signatures.

Once selected you will be taken to the E-Signature Management page on your SeQwens Software.

Step #2

On your E-Signature Management page you will see a complete list of all current and completed E-Signature Requests currently in your SeQwens account. To create a new E-Signature Request go to the box on the right of your screen, there you will have the option to either upload a document to request a signature on or choose from your existing documents. For the sake of this example we will be uploading a new document.

Step #3

After you have selected or uploaded the document you are requesting a signature on you will have the option to digitally sign it yourself (some tax documents require a signature from the preparer as well as the client).

Your E-signature Will be in the box located to the right of your document, to customer your signature select Change.

Option #1: You can draw your e-signatue either with a mouse or tablet pen.
Option #2: You can type your signature and select one of four font options.

Step #4

Now that you have customized your E-Signature you can drag your signature into the document. For this example we are using a Form 1040 which requires a preparer’s signature.

You will then need to add a signer to the document. You can do this by selecting Add Signer which will give you a list of email addresses in your SeQwens account. Simply select the email of the individual you want to request a signature from.

If the individual you are attempting to request a signature from isn’t in your SeQwens account then you can enter their email address in the field under Add Custom Signer.

Step #5

Once you have your signer selected drag their email address into the areas on the document where you require them to sign. Once you have their email in each area that their signature is required, click Submit on the right to send the document to the client’s SeQwens account.

You will be taken back to the initial screen where you new E-Signature request will be displayed at the top, its status will be marked as Pending until the client completes there portion of the request.

If your client is having a difficult time signing the document then you can assist them by having them read our How to E-Sign Documents article.