How to Unlock Accounts as a Tax Company

If you have access to a SeQwens Tax Company account you can remotely unlock your Office Executives and Taxpayers’ accounts in the event they are locked out of the software.

How to Unlock Accounts as a Tax Company:

Step #1

After three incorrect login attempts your Office Executives or Taxpayers will be locked out of SeQwens for 24 hours. However the Tax Company account can unlock their accounts before the 24 hours have elapsed granting them access to the software again.

To start, login to your SeQwens Tax Company account. After logging in you will be taken to the dashboard. If the account you are unlocking belongs to an Office Executive (Tax Preparer) you will click Settings on the right and under settings select Office Executives.

Step #2

You will be taken to the Office Executive Management page in SeQwens, giving you a full list of the Tax Preparers in your software.

Under Status you will see which Tax Preparers accounts are locked. To unlock their account before the 24 hours is up all you have to do is click the red status button. Once the status button has turned blue the Tax Preparer will once again be able to access their SeQwens account.

Note: If they have forgotten their login credentials you may also have to perform a password reset on their account. There are two options for this we will explore in other articles. Check back here for updates.

Step #3

If the individual locked out is a Taxpayer under your Tax Company you will need to unlock their account in a slightly different way.

Once again on the dashboard of the Tax Company account you will see Locked Accounts on the right side of the screen. Click Locked Accounts in order to view the Taxpayers who are currently locked out of SeQwens.

Step #4

After clicking Locked Accounts you will see a list of locked Taxpayer accounts. To unlock these accounts go to the right where you will see the reason for the account being locked as well as another red status button.

Similar to your Office Executives, to unlock a Taxpayer account simply click the red status button. This will unlock their account and allow your Taxpayer to access SeQwens once again.